Extension Programs General Information

Payment Information
When you register for a course, payment can be made in two ways.
(1) Lesson #1 will be sent and a tuition fee of $85.00 CDN will be charged. The student has 2 weeks to review the package. If the student would like to proceed with the rest of the course, Lessons #2 to #4 will be sent and the remainder of the $339.00 CDN tuition will be charged. This works out to be $254.00 CDN. If the student does not wish to proceed with the course, Lesson #1 may be returned for a refund.

(2) The full tuition of $339.00 CDN may be paid and the complete course will be sent. However, when choosing this method of payment, the course becomes non-refundable.

Program Start Dates
Courses may be started at any time. Students have a maximum of 15 weeks to complete each course.

Note: We are not accepting new Extention students at this time, Please check back

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