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Educational Goals

The goal of the Academy of Fashion Design is to train students for the exciting and growing field of fashion design. The Academy helps to prepare students for the many challenges which they will face either working in the fashion industry or operating a business of their own.
The Academy provides a solid foundation to get you started in the industry. The key to your success will be your imagination and your ambition. There is a market for all aspects of clothing - from basic sewing, altering and hemming ready made clothing, athletic and theatrical costuming, team wear, ethnic costumes to advanced clothing designing, construction and mass production garments. A great potential for business and employment opportunities lie in this field as:
  • Fashion Designer
  • Pattern Drafter
  • Tailor
  • Fashion & Fabric Sales
  • Retail Store Owner / Buyer / Merchandiser
  • Instructor
  • Entrepeneur in the Garment Industry
  • Alterationist

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