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  • Where can I find work after my 16 months of Study is over?

    The Academy of Fashion Design works closely with our diploma students to secure an appropriate job in the fashion and apparel industry.  Students who wish to specialize in specific areas of study will have the opportunity to work in their elected field as an intern. 

  • Can I have a job while I am attending school?

    Yes! It is also something we encourage to all of our students.  Our school hours allow our students to take on a job in our industry after school and on weekends. 

  • Must I move away to become a successful Fashion Entrepreneur?

    Saskatchewan's home grown attitude is very supportive of local talent in our own growing fashion industry.  With the guidance of the Academy's instructors anyone can have a successful career in many different areas of the industry here in Saskatchewan.  If students choose to relocate during their career as some have, they find that their education from the Academy of fashion Design has prepared them for what is ahead. 

"Our Students Create Designs, We Create Designers."

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