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Indigenous Cultural Sewing

Program Overview

This new post-secondary program is exclusive to Saskatchewan’s Fashion Design School.  In consultation with former First Nations Students we have developed the only Canadian program which focuses solely on the diverse traditional clothing of First Nations people.  Join this 4-month program to learn how to construct traditional clothing as well as it’s history. 

In addition to developing sewing skills students will also partake in many other valuable classes to guide them into a future as a designer entrepreneur.  After completing the First Nations Cultural Sewing Program, students can choose to further their Fashion and Design education through two different options; our 4-month Native Designing course, or our 8-month Certificate of Fashion Design Program.  


Students must have their Grade 12 or equivalency or apply as a mature student.

Start Dates

Start Date: First Tuesday of each month - 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM Tuesday to Friday     


Students are required to have a grade 12 Education or equivalent.

Mature admission will be considered if you are at least 20 years old and do not have a Grade 12 Diploma.

Potential students must fill out an application form and pay the $75.00 non refundable registration fee. Please send us your email address and request an application form. 


  • Tuition $4740.00                                                                   
  • Books/Supplies $2200.00
  • Fashion Show or Photo Shoot $200.00                                      
  • Sewing Lab fees $200.00
  • Student fees $30.00

Sewing machines and Overlock machines are provided for the students at the school. The students may want to have a sewing machine of their own for homework purposes. Arrangements can be made with the Academy for the purchase of machines. 

The Goals of this program

  1. To provide students with careers in the fields of sewing and designing First Nations cultural products.
  2. To focus on the development of marketable skills in a practical, hands on, academic environment.
  3. To develop the attitude and skills to grow with change in the areas of cultural design and related technology. 
  4. To help students develop feelings of positive self esteem.


Prior sewing experience is not necessary for this class. We start at threading the sewing machine and progress to advance sewing techniques. The more experience you have before entering the program the quicker you will move on to more advanced projects. 


The Academy of Fashion Design is dedicated to educating students and developing their technical skills in garment construction and design within a fun and friendly environment. We believe that as people learn, they grow personally and attain fulfillment through realizing their potential. 


Past students in course have been funded by their Bands either through Post Secondary Education or Economic Development, Self Funded or through Student Loans.

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  • When are my tuition and other costs due?

    All fees must be paid in full on or before the first day of classes. 

  • Does the school have an attendance policy?

    Students must be in attendance at least 90% of every month.  After 2 months of failing to attend at that rate, disciplinary action will commence.  If your attendance does not improve you will be asked to withdraw from the school.

  • Where is the Entrance to the school?

    The entrance to the Academy is inside our onsite fabric store.  Our design and cutting room is on the main level, while our production room is in the second story loft. 

  • What can I do to prepare myself for a fashion education?

    Potential students can prepare themselves for the exciting world of fashion by keeping an eye on industry trends, fashion business news, and the global market.  Students should also be fine tuning existing skills that relate to our program such as Illustration, Garment Construction, and Design. 

  • Can I have a job while I am attending school?

    Yes! It is also something we encourage to all of our students.  Our school hours allow our students to take on a job in our industry after school and on weekends. 

  • Is the Fashion Industry right for me?

    Success in our Industry is dependent on people who are highly motivated, self starting, and hard working individuals that make decisions quickly and with purpose. 

  • Do I need to now how to draw, sew etc...when I start?

    Although any skills you have previous to enrollment are an asset, it does not mean that having no skills in the beginning will be a detriment to your education. 

  • Must I move away to become a successful Fashion Entrepreneur?

    Saskatchewan's home grown attitude is very supportive of local talent in our own growing fashion industry.  With the guidance of the Academy's instructors anyone can have a successful career in many different areas of the industry here in Saskatchewan.  If students choose to relocate during their career as some have, they find that their education from the Academy of fashion Design has prepared them for what is ahead. 

  • What are the Academy of Fashion Designs Prerequisites?

    All of the students must have an intense passion of the Fashion Industry in addition to their High School Diploma / Equivalency, or be eligible to apply as a mature student. 

  • Can I work while attending school?

    International Students are entitled to work up to 20 hours per week during full time study and as much as they like during school breaks.  

  • Do my Transcripts have to be translated to English?

    Academy of Fashion Design requires that International Students have their transcripts translated to English as does the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS).  We ask that you submit both the Notarized translation and the original document at the time of your application.  

  • I have emailed the school and did not receive a response?

    The Academy of Fashion Design respond as quickly as possible to all emails.  Some emails can end up being flagged as spam when coming from distant locations, please resend your email if you have not been acknowledged. 

  • How long does it take to process an international application?

    The Academy of Fashion Design makes every effort to process your applications as soon as we can.  We acknowledge your application upon receiving it and it can take approximately 7-10 days to process your application after your completed application, all documentation and application fees have been received. 

  • Where do I purchase Supplies for my course?

    Supplies for all of our programs can be purchased at Academy of Fashion Designs onsite fabric store HJ Fabrics.  Before you first day of classes any outside supplies should be discussed with the school as not all tools are created equal.

"Our Students Create Designs, We Create Designers."

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