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Certificate of Fashion Design

Program Overview

The Certificate Program prepares students for the fast paced fashion industry.  It provides training in ready to wear.  Our emphasis in the first 8 months is to explore designing from the basic level, finding inspiration through historical studies, design principals and modern fashion trends.  We train students with industry standard techniques in Portfolio, Illustration, Pattern Making and Garment Construction to prepare them for every aspect of Fashion Design.  Our classes were developed to create a balance between the freedom for our students to create and learning technical discipline.  At the end of the first 8 months, students will put everything they have learned in business and marketing to the test when they participate in our annual fashion show, where students will display and sell their work.


Students must have their Grade 12 or equivalency or apply as a mature student.  

Start Dates

January, September, November

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  • DESN 1100 Fashion Design Fundamentals (6CREDITS )

    Learn basic and professional practices of the fashion industry. Through flat pattern making and garment construction techniques, students develop a production research binder as a resource for the future.

  • DESN 1111 Sample Production (6CREDITS )

    Developing their own designs from the basic sloper set, students will be able to express their ideas and construct garments through flat pattern making and garment construction. Students will build on their production reference materials by drafting and sewing basic apparel components. Students will also begin developing an understanding of the translation of a specification sheet to a final garment.

  • DESN 1121 Line Production I (3CREDITS )

    Through market research students will develop a line of sample garments for their target market that includes all specifications and professional patterns. Under strict production deadlines students will refine final prototypes after evaluating the quality of all garments.

  • FCM 1131 Portfolio (3CREDITS )

    Professional portfolios are critical to a designer’s growth. Students will learn how to set up a portfolio and research and design portfolio collections based on different markets, inspirations or functions. Students will look critically at the marketability of their collections and make informed decisions about the collection editing process.

  • FCM 1141 Fashion Communication (3CREDITS )

    Learn how to communicate ideas using the elements and principles of design while developing fashion sketching skills, and bringing ideas to life through mediums used in fashion illustration.

  • BSK 2110 Fashion Marketing (3 credits) /OR/ BSK 1110 Fashion Event I (3CREDITS )

    BSK 2110 Fashion Marketing (3 credits)

    Discover the world of fashion promotion and branding.  Learn the necessary skills you will need to make decisions for your brand.  Develop a marketing strategy that will target your most valuable customers and get your products market ready by developing a branding package. 




    BSK 1110 Fashion Event I (3 credits)

    Through the planning of and participation in our annual student fashion show, students get a hands on experience of hosting an event in the fashion industry.  All students will participate by showing their final collections as well as promoting, casting and styling their own show.  

  • DESN 1122 Styling (3 credits) /OR/ INPR 1110 The Professional Apparel Industry(3CREDITS )

    DESN 1122 Styling (3 credits)

    Develop a reference guide for personal shopping and styling.  Analyze body types to compliment dressing and accessorizing skills.  Learn about clothing personalities and how to analyze a customer's lifestyle and budget to maximize their wardrobe.




    INPR 1110 The Professional Apparel Industry (3 credits)

    Take a look at the apparel manufacturer from different career perspectives.  Look in on how manufactures function, and job descriptions in the workroom.  Learn what is expected of you in a manufacturing career and how to work with a manufacturer as an independent designer.  

  • FH 1120 Modern Fashion Studies (3 credits) /OR/ FH 2120 Historical Fashion Studies

    FH 1120   Modern Fashion Studies (3 credits)

    Modern fashion studies takes an in depth look at the most globally recognized Fashion Designers by dissecting their body of work. Through designer profiles discover what impact each one had on the global fashion industry, how they helped shape modern culture and who is currently at the helm of some of the largest clothing luxury brands in the world. 




    FH 2120  Historical Fashion Studies (3 credits)

    As one of the most common inspirational themes for designers, Fashion History also helps forecast the fashion of tomorrow  Students will study costume history as it relates to the social, economic, and political events of the past, take an in depth look at what fashion defines each era, and how to add meaning to design using diverse inspiration from the influence of global cultures.   

  • TX 1140 Textile Science (3 credits) / OR / TX 2140 Applied Textiles (3CREDITS )

    TX 1140  Textile Science (3 credits)

    Students will study fibers and fabrics.  They will learn how to test fabrics for more reliable information in product development and be able to make more informed decisions that will compliment a garments function and end use. 




    TX 2140  Applied Textiles (3 credits)

    Students will learn to create textile art through surface designing fabrics. This class includes studying the most common forms of consumer fabric, as well as how to use and care for them.  Learn techniques for embellishing your work or altering the fabrics characteristics permanently to suit your design needs. 


  • When are my tuition and other costs due?

    All fees must be paid in full on or before the first day of classes. 

  • Does the school have an attendance policy?

    Students must be in attendance at least 90% of every month.  After 2 months of failing to attend at that rate, disciplinary action will commence.  If your attendance does not improve you will be asked to withdraw from the school.

  • Where is the Entrance to the school?

    The entrance to the Academy is inside our onsite fabric store.  Our design and cutting room is on the main level, while our production room is in the second story loft. 

  • Must I take my Certificate Program before my Diploma?

    Yes, all of our long term programs start with the certification program.  However, any students transferring from other Fashion Design programs may be eligible for a prior learning assessment (This does not include at home training) that can be set up with the school in advance to their application submission. 

  • Can I apply for my Diploma program when filling out my first application?

    Yes, If you have already made the decision to study at the Academy of Fashion Design for our Diploma Program you can select that option with the understanding that your first 8 months of study will be the Certificate Program and the second 8 months of study will be the Diploma Program. 

  • What can I do to prepare myself for a fashion education?

    Potential students can prepare themselves for the exciting world of fashion by keeping an eye on industry trends, fashion business news, and the global market.  Students should also be fine tuning existing skills that relate to our program such as Illustration, Garment Construction, and Design. 

  • Can I have a job while I am attending school?

    Yes! It is also something we encourage to all of our students.  Our school hours allow our students to take on a job in our industry after school and on weekends. 

  • Is the Fashion Industry right for me?

    Success in our Industry is dependent on people who are highly motivated, self starting, and hard working individuals that make decisions quickly and with purpose. 

  • Do I need to now how to draw, sew etc...when I start?

    Although any skills you have previous to enrollment are an asset, it does not mean that having no skills in the beginning will be a detriment to your education. 

  • Must I move away to become a successful Fashion Entrepreneur?

    Saskatchewan's home grown attitude is very supportive of local talent in our own growing fashion industry.  With the guidance of the Academy's instructors anyone can have a successful career in many different areas of the industry here in Saskatchewan.  If students choose to relocate during their career as some have, they find that their education from the Academy of fashion Design has prepared them for what is ahead. 

  • What are the Academy of Fashion Designs Prerequisites?

    All of the students must have an intense passion of the Fashion Industry in addition to their High School Diploma / Equivalency, or be eligible to apply as a mature student. 

  • Can I work while attending school?

    International Students are entitled to work up to 20 hours per week during full time study and as much as they like during school breaks.  

  • Do my Transcripts have to be translated to English?

    Academy of Fashion Design requires that International Students have their transcripts translated to English as does the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS).  We ask that you submit both the Notarized translation and the original document at the time of your application.  

  • I have emailed the school and did not receive a response?

    The Academy of Fashion Design respond as quickly as possible to all emails.  Some emails can end up being flagged as spam when coming from distant locations, please resend your email if you have not been acknowledged. 

  • How long does it take to process an international application?

    The Academy of Fashion Design makes every effort to process your applications as soon as we can.  We acknowledge your application upon receiving it and it can take approximately 7-10 days to process your application after your completed application, all documentation and application fees have been received. 

  • Where do I purchase Supplies for my course?

    Supplies for all of our programs can be purchased at Academy of Fashion Designs onsite fabric store HJ Fabrics.  Before you first day of classes any outside supplies should be discussed with the school as not all tools are created equal.

"Our Students Create Designs, We Create Designers."

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