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  1. Wearing open over pieces such as leather jackets, coats, blazers, cover ups or sweaters creates vertical lines on your body and minimize the space the eye have to travel horizontally so it makes you look skinnier.

  1. Hem pants to the right length, this is very important, you can look taller and stylized with a perfect hem. Hems should be from ¾ inch to ½ off the floor and just graze the upper part of your shoes.


  1. Is really sexy to show some parts of our body but there is always a limit. Mystery always should play a huge part, we need to leave some for imagination. That is why when we show our upper part we should not show too much on our bottom as well as the other way around.   

  1. Play with fullness but don’t exaggerate. So basically the same way as showing off some parts of your body. If you have lots of fullness in you upper body then try to lower the amount of layers in your legs. And if you have fullness on your legs, such as culottes, ruffles or lots of layers then wear some simple, basic and plain tops.

  1. Use lighter colors where you want to emphasize and darker colors if you want to conceal. If you want to hide your bust, for example, you can wear some black, navy blue or dark grey to deemphasize that area and then use some prints, or lighter colors at the bottom. 

  1. Please use the appropriate size, do not go bigger or smaller. There is nothing less flattering than big pants that doesn’t fit properly or using smaller sizes will give you the appearance of overweigh.

  1. Remember to wear the colors that flatters you the most. If you have cool undertones go for black, grey, navy, white, taupe, burgundy, forest or cherry red and if you have warm undertones go for rust, camel, teal, tomato red, brown, olive, orange or pink. ( go to our blog HOW TO FIND YOUR FLATTERING COLORS)

  1. Dress accordingly to your body type. If you are a rectangle shape use wide waistbands or belts to create a waist illusion. If you are a triangle, balance your small shoulders to bigger hips by wearing off shoulders blouses, ruffles or lighter colors at the top. Inverted triangle women should add fullness to their bottom part body such as hips and legs and keep the upper part kind of simple. Hourglass shape accentuate your amazing silhouette.  (find more information on our blog BODY SHAPES)

  1. Skin color PUMPS heels are indispensable for a women. They make legs look longer and for some reason pumps just bring you to the next level, it upgrades you.

  1. Last but not least, accessories. They are such an important piece for an outfit. You can dress up or dress down an outfit just with accessories. Some guidelines for wearing accessories are: when the outfit is overwhelming go for simple earrings or necklace. If earrings are big, necklace should be small or none; if the necklace is big, earrings should be small. This is not written in stone, there’s some exceptions. Scarfs, rings, watch and bracelet could also embellish an outfit. So go ahead and try some.    

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