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  • Covid-19 and Fashion Events


Covid-19 has affected the way our society interacts in almost every area of our lives. Fashion is no exception. With lockdowns happening worldwide and strict restrictions on gatherings, designers have had to get creative this year to showcase new collections. Gone are the days of mass fashion shows and crowded photo shoots as we enter into a digital era in the fashion world.

Designers have quickly adapted to the changes brought on by this global pandemic, many have taken their shows online, but perhaps none stands out more than Moschino’s whimsical marionette show for Spring/Summer 2021. Miniature handmade couture garments walk a tiny runway presented on elegant wooden bodies, during the nine-minute film the virtual audience gets an up-close look at exquisite detailing on every garment through camera angles that mimic traditional fashion shows. The show provides escapism that is much needed during a time when everyone would like to forget reality. 

Another approach in the industry being used for photo shoots is working with a skeleton crew of essential workers such as a stylist, makeup artist, photographer and model. During these shoots, everyone taking part is wearing a mask or social distancing, and the theme is generally minimalistic and simple. Models have also started to do photoshoots in their own homes wearing the newest collection pieces and showing them off on social media.

 Some designers have adopted face masks as more than just a protective device and included them in the year’s collection as accessories, this can be seen in Christian Siriano’s Ready-to-wear 2021 collection where each outfit has a mask to match. This is a trend that has caught on to social media like wildfire, people are seen matching masks to outfits to any occasion, even socially distanced weddings.

Our current world situation shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon, so designers will have to keep thinking of innovative ways to showcase new collections. As for the trend forecast of 2021. The face mask just became the hottest accessory.

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