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Nowadays, fashion has many faces, one of them is being an influencer. Since fashion blogs started to appear, people had a way of showing their passion and knowledge about their style.

“Fashion blogs evolved from personal diaries kept by fashion lovers, into sophisticated marketing and economic tools”.


As new social media platforms started to pop up, bloggers moved from their websites to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts. These digital platforms enable influencers to interact with their followers and to reach a greater audience. In fact, social media opened space for those who didn’t have a blog but were passionate about fashion and wanted to share it with their friends.

Today, fashion influencers are consider a personality with a big number of followers on their social media. By creating fashion content, attending events and wearing specific clothes they are being approached and paid by brands to collaborate with them for publicity and marketing.

The greater number of followers, likes and interactions will make your profile more profitable. One important characteristic of big fashion influencers is to stay true to their style and personalities, if a brand doesn’t suit their style usually they won’t work together. 

Definitely, blogging is not for everyone, you need to keep in mind that they have to spend almost 24/7 on their phones, always showing their life, sometimes hiding their real feelings to keep their followers happy and they also have to travel frequently; so for some of these reasons, they don’t have enough time to spend with their families and friends.

However, fashion influencers are well paid and some people think they have “the perfect life”.   



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