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  • How to become a Fashion blogger

We want to give some simple tips to become a fashion blogger. 

First think about these questions:

What can you offer that anyone else does?

Who do you want to be engage with your blog?

What’s your goal by becoming a Fashion blogger?

After thinking for a while and being sure that you want to become a fashion blogger then get started. 

  1. Find you own style and commit to it, be creative and show people new things.
  2. Create a name. You can just use your own name or invent one very catchy.
  3. Create you website. We recommend you to pay for one, you can have your own URL for about 10 dollars making easier for people to find you.
  4. If you are not an expert with website designs then hire someone good to do it, remember this is key because that’s what makes people to stay on your website.
  5. Photography and good content will make you shine on the web, so have some professional pictures that you can post at least twice a week.
  6. Have a Plan, be consistent and keep you audience interested. Always be yourself.
  7. Set some goals of followers, promote yourself on social media; it might be a couple of dollars but that will help.


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