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  • How to dress for your body shape

Types of bodies

The overall shape of a person is basically defined by the molding of skeletal structures, and by the distribution of fat and muscles. Hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle and triangle are the four most common body shapes of a women.

This type of body has hip and waist balanced and a smaller waist.


Rectangle has waist and shoulders balanced and waist is not defined. That means that the outside line of this body creates a rectangle.


In this case shoulders are wider than hips, usually their legs are very skinny.

Women with triangle body shape have shoulders smaller than waist.

What to wear?

Clothes help each type of body to highlight their features and hide some less flattering parts. Then we ask ourselfs what to wear depending on our body shape so here we have some tips for each type. The inverted triangle would like to minimize their shoulders and give more volume to their hips and legs. Triangle women would like to balance shoulders with hips, rectangle wants to create a waist illusion and hourglass could emphasize their best features.



Inverted triangle



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