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  • How to look taller and skinny


Who doesn’t want to look taller, with longer legs and thinner? For sure this is something you can afford to get from your outfit. Here are some tips that you can follow as guidelines for enhancing your appearance.

  • Create VERTICALS lines such as V-necks, button plackets, and open jackets, up and down patterns like stripes (not very wide and with small space in between).
  • Use fuller skirts with flowing materials, vertical stripes and longer length so the eye travels up and down.
  • Wear from head to toe similar colors to create a continuous flow.
  • Shoes and socks should be the same color as your pants to avoid distracting color breaks.
  • To have a stylize figure try to use at least 1 inch heels.
  • Use bright colors close to your face and darker on the rest of your body.
  • Try to wear wrap style, create diagonal lines, taper slim skirts and pants.  


  • Wide horizontal lines lower than shoulder level or hemline.
  • Exaggerate bagginess; if you want the oversize look, keep it for top or bottom, don’t go with both because you will get the sloppy look.
  • Very tight clothes because it will accentuate your weight.


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