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Students had to choose hints of the same color and one or two accent colors for their illustration project. We want to highlight that our students learn the 9-head fashion figure but as you will see they all have their own unique style and that's what we love about these projects. 

Krista Sandoval decided to go with blue hints and red and yellow as accents color. 

Tonja Friesen decided to draw with blue hints and orange and yellow accent colors. 

As you can appreciate Paige Stang used red hints with grey as an accent color. 

Al Espanola was inspired by Vincent van Gogh art.  

Armando Medina decided to use blue hints with light pink accents. He was inspired by Monet water lilies. 

Anita Campeau went for red hints and orange, yellow and blue acccents. 

Erin Bartley was inspired by vintage cars, using green and yellow as her accent colors. 

Melanie Jomphe was inpired by Saskatoon's graffiti walls and as you can see she used blue, red and black. 

Elena Moruz went with blue, yellow and red. 

Karina Shovkun wanted to dress up a business women in bright colors. 



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