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V-neckline will give a vertical impression to your chest area making your body look longer and taller. This type of neckline is flattering for all figures, as it draws the eye upward to the face and also elongate the neck and body. Totally recommended for people with broad shoulders, thick torsos, or short necks.

The V-neckline will benefit women with large bust and full figured women as it gives vertical illusion to the body making it look longer. Women with wide, round and square jaw should definitely take advantage of this particular neckline since it elongates face shape.



The square neckline shows off the collarbone region which is one of the most alluring parts of a women. This neckline will look good in the majority of body type but as everything it looks better in some than others. Women with big bust will definitely benefit since it provides a sophisticated frame to the collarbone without revealing too much cleavage. Women with small complex should be able to wear fitted square necklines to bring the illusion of curves to the bust line.

This neckline shape will help round face people to balance out the roundness, also pear shape as it helps to give the shoulder a broader look.



Scoop neckline usually can be worn by almost every body shape, it will show off the collarbone area and will elongate a thick or short neck. Depending on the cut of the scoop line it can enhance different body types. For instance, a large or wide scooped neckline will help narrow shoulder women as it will make them look balanced. This is perfect for smaller chested women or athletic body types.

For women with big bust or broad shoulders is recommended to wear a smaller scoop. A low scooped neckline can give the illusion of a longer neck and it will help people with extra fat under the chin.



This neckline forms two curves over the breast area meaning this is a great option for big bust ladies as they tend to have smaller shoulders which will create a flattering silhouette. This shape elongates the face and provides proportional balance to the whole body. Women with short chin and neck will benefit from this neckline shape since it give the illusion of a longer neck and thinner chin. Women with small bust may wear them to show off more curves.


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