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  • Pantone's 2021 Colours of the Year


Amidst a global pandemic, Pantone still delivered not one but two colours of the year for 2021.

The two shades seem to contrast each other however, they actually complement each other beautifully. The colours are… Ultimate grey and illuminating yellow.


After a trying year, Pantone’s Ultimate Grey gives us the resilience and patience we need as we wait for Covid-19 vaccines to be distributed across the world. Illuminating yellow encourages us to be optimistic for the brighter days that are sure to come. 

 "The selection of two independent colours highlights how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting."  Explained Leatrice Eiseman, Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute 

 Two independent colours coming together reflects how our society reacted to Covid-19. Everyone was unsure of what to expect when Covid- 19 took over the world, but we still saw people come together to support each other while we had to stay apart. 2020 was a true test of compassion. In a year unlike any other, we came together to persevere through the hard times. Now that 2020 is over, hopefully, 2021 will bring many gatherings and social events filled with stunning illuminating yellow and ultimate grey outfits. Even though social gatherings still seem like a distant wish, we can still incorporate this colour pairing into our wardrobes for when we are ready to go out again.


How to wear Pantone’s colours of the year

The pairing of Illuminating yellow and Ultimate grey may seem like a difficult combination to pull off, but here are some tips on the best way to pair the two colours.


Use illuminating yellow as bright and fun accessories.

Finish off a grey outfit with some yellow shoes, a yellow statement necklace, a yellow purse, or any other of your favourite yellow accessories. Yellow purses are a big trend for spring and summer 2021.


Pair the colours with black or white.


Neutrals like black and white create a connection between the two colours.


Pair your outfit with a stunning yellow coat.

Grey denim or plaid bottoms with a blouse just needs a statement coat to finish off the perfect outfit.


Pair a yellow outfit with a grey blazer.


 Oversized blazers are in for Spring 2021, a grey blazer is a perfect piece for this year.



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