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  • Sending Covid Out in Style

A year of lockdowns and fighting the Covid-19 pandemic have made the biggest fashion trends of the year consist of sweatpants and pajamas. Now that we have finally reached a stage where vaccines are becoming available to the general public, a new fashion trend has emerged. Cold shoulder tops are back and are bringing function to fashion.

On March 2, Dolly Parton shared a photo on Instagram. She was wearing a deep purple top with the essential cut-out shoulders. The photo was captioned “Dolly gets a dose of her own medicine” as she is receiving the Moderna vaccine, which she made a million-dollar donation to in 2020. She paired her cold shoulder top with matching gloves, a matching face mask, and gold jewelry.


This sparked Hillary Clinton to do the same. On March 3, 2021, Clinton posted a throwback picture captioned “Loved seeing Dolly Parton bring back the cold shoulder as a vaccination look. Shall we make this a trend??”


Model Christie Brinkley agreed with making the cold shoulder top the official vaccine trend. When Brinkley went for her second Covid vaccine, she decided to rock an asymmetrical cold shoulder top.



 Many other people have embraced the style and convenience brought by wearing a cold shoulder top for your vaccine. We are seeing the “vaccine ready” fashions in fall 2021 collections these not only include cold shoulders, but also one-shoulder designs and designs that intentionally ensure the upper part of the arm is exposed. This vaccine-ready trend is encouraging everyone to get out and get their vaccine in style as soon as they can.

Stella McCartney- Fall 2021

Christian Siriano- Fall 2021

Bevza Spring- Summer 2021 






Covid vaccine appointments have quickly become the most sought-after happening of the year and people are dressing for it. Ashlie Atkinson wore a green sequined gown that she had bought for a Gala that was canceled when the pandemic first hit. Since Atkinson has shared her dressing up for what she calls “the Event of her year,” it has become common for people to wear the outfits they had for an occasion that had been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Marc Jacobs has also decided to dress up for the occasion.  For his first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine he decided to wear hot pink pants, Rick Owens black platform boots, a black top, with a black and white patterned scarf, topped off with his signature pearls. For his second and final dose of the vaccine, he rocked a leopard print jacket paired with pink sequinned shorts and a matching pink shirt. The whole outfit was topped off with white platform boots and of course a string of pearls.


First Dose

Second Dose

While we all anxiously wait for our turn for the covid vaccine we can all start considering what we are going to wear to send Covid- 19 out in style. Whether you choose to follow Dolly Parton’s lead and wear a cold shoulder top or you decide to dress to the nines to celebrate the occasion, remember that you want to keep your arm easily accessible to avoid any awkward sleeve rolling and to keep the lines moving as quickly as possible. 


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