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Fashion is a beautiful industry with opportunities for everyone, nothing is written in stone, creativity is limitless and inspiration could lead you to success. Therefore, becoming a fashion designer will require some qualities that will help you create a strong brand or name, if that’s your case. In this blog you will find some skills to keep in mind:

  1. Sewing skills

We often think fashion designers doesn’t really need to have a strong knowledge in sewing, usually they have employees in charge of it and well this is completely true. However, we have to be realistic; not everyone starts with a huge company, tons of employees and a high demand of garments. For that reason, fashion designers should learn how to construct their own garments, how to get to the exact design they want and having this knowledge will help them lead their team toward the right direction.

  1. Materials

This is a very important aspect of the garment construction, not every material works for every single design. Choosing the correct fabrics and elements for a creation is not always an easy task this is why learning how the material drapes, hangs or shrinks will help the designer achieve their goal for every apparel.

  1. Business

Having great business skills will lead you to become a successful designer. Understanding how the fashion industry work, everything about the marketing aspect, your budget, the sales concept, learn about digital era and how to manage your own business as a whole are vital  for a designer to acquire.

  1. Visualization Abilities

A person with a strong ability of visualizing a garment before even sketching it, is definitely a one of a kind, not everyone is able to accomplish it. People can definitely get the image of what the designer wants to create making a lot easier the work of every employee. 

  1. Creativity

Being creative is a basic need in the fashion industry. Mostly all designs are out there, depends on the level of creativity and how designers transform and produce one of a kind piece. Therefore, inspiration could come from every corner, situation or expression; is up to the designer to develop and success at it.

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