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  • Skinny Jeans are out... What's next?


Since the beginning of the millennium skinny jeans dominated the fashion world  We saw the skinny jean go through many different phases from the low rise, to high waisted, from a dark wash to a light wash, from vibrant colors to crazy prints, from cropped to long, and from distressed to patchwork.  We were also introduced to jeggings, the skinny jeans that were made from more stretch than denim. They gave us the look of extreme skinnies but offered the comfort of leggings. They had a long life, but a new decade has seen the death of skinny jeans. Here is what is replacing skinny jeans

Upcycled Jeans 

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, so we are starting to see a rise in upcycled denim, patchwork denim, and vintage jeans. Making one pair of jeans takes roughly 10,000 liters of water. When jeggings reached the market, most jeans started being produced with spandex to create a more comfortable fit. The spandex in these jeans weakens the fabric causing them to wear out faster. Once they are worn out, they take longer to break down because of the synthetic fibers. Vintage jeans are typically 100% cotton, therefore, they are better for the environment. Buying second-hand jeans also saves water and reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Patchwork is also a big trend this year, if you ripped your favorite pair of jeans, don’t garbage them. Patch them and keep on loving them!


Baggy jeans 

Keeping in line with the trends we are seeing on the runways the 90’s baggy style jeans are back. These jeans come in a variety of styles, they are pleated, distressed, or baggy around the waist and cinched in with a belt. Pair these jeans with a tight-fitting top to balance out the fulness in the bottom.


Vintage-inspired Straight jeans

Straight cut jeans are skinny jeans more fashionable cousin. These are the perfect choice for people who aren’t quite ready to part with their skinny jeans. You can style these the same way you did your favorite skinny jeans. For work pair them with a blouse, a blazer, and heels. For a more casual look pair them with a cotton button-up and sneakers. Once you try straight-cut jeans you will realize they are even more versatile than your skinnies. 



The straight cut isn’t the only vintage look in this year. Bell-bottoms are back and better than ever. Pair these jeans with a chunky sweater, a cute t-shirt, or a flowy blouse. Finish your outfit off with a pair of platform boots to complete the 70’s look.


Barrel jeans

 Barrel jeans are tight-fitting around the waist, roomy around the hips and legs, then taper back down to a tight fit around the ankles. The extra room around the hips and legs makes them fit a wide range of body types.  Pair them with crop tops, sweaters, or any of your other favorite tops, just make sure they can be tucked in to show off the jean and avoid adding more fullness over your hips. 



Boot cut

The boot cut is big again. This is another great alternative for people that are still attached to their skinny jeans. A slim boot cut is almost interchangeable with your favorite skinny jeans. Pair them with any of your favorite blouses, sweaters, or shirts. Top them off with ankle boots or flats for a stylish look. 



Many of us will have a difficult time saying goodbye to our skinny jeans, but these great alternatives will hopefully make it easier.

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