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Why not jumpsuits? They are a unique piece that can be dress up or dress down. The same jumpsuit that can be wear for the day can be transform as a night outfit. A plain black jumpsuit is always a good piece for your wardrobe.

Dresses on shirts

This style started with the basic white t-shirt and the simple dress on top but in today’s runways they just upgraded a little bit more this style by wearing shirts with any print and matching them with beautiful dresses.  

Denim on denim

What a classic and amazing combination but, it could be tricky, not all denim colors go together so take a look to our examples and just give it a try.

Bright colors

Summer is all about colors and brightness. The runways were full of colorful outfits and especially, this year, bright pink is out there.

Sheer dresses

Yes, you have to be brave to try this style but don’t get so anxious about it there is sorts of transparencies, wear the less transparent for the bottom and show a bit more on the upper part of your body with a bralette under it.

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