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If you live in Canada, then you will like to support local businesses and we want to give you some valuable reasons of why you should spend your money supporting your own people.

Let’s start talking about how amazing our local designers are, think about all the work, time and passion they put into their products. When you buy from local people, you are not only supporting them, remember there’s a chain of other people behind them. For example, some may buy their materials from other local businesses and they might even have some employees which will as well benefit from your support.

Unfortunately, it is very hard for locals to compete with the big retail stores. The bigger guys have their production process overseas where they find cheaper labor costs making their prices very hard to defeat by local producers. As a result, hiring onshore producers is an expensive and logistically difficult option which increases the final price offered to customers.

By supporting local fashion brands you help keep onshore clothing manufactures afloat, generate jobs and boost local economy. Additionally, big retail stores are not as environmentally conscious as local brands who actually care about their quality and materials. For instance, when you purchase a shirt from a world known brand and it costs you $10.00 CAD, you know it will not last for long. On the contrary, you have the local fashion designers who provide a unique piece that might be a bit more expensive but it will last as long as you desire. Remember that local businesses have to satisfy the customers since word of mouth and recommendations are the best ways for them to be known.

For these and so many other reasons we always encourage people to buy local and support your own people.

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