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2. Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye has been making a slow entrance into the runway scene which of course gave the opportunity for swimwear to incorporate it. So don’t be afraid to bring out your childhood style out.

2. Animal print is back

Animal print has been pretty strong in ready to wear runways which is why we are not surprise to see this trend for next year. Zebra, Leopards, tigers, snakes are part of this fantastic trend.

3. Black Bikinis

Solid Colors are a good idea and it is so much better if it is a dark one. Solid Black Bikinis will always be flattering on every body shape so make sure to embrace this trend.

4. Florals

Cheerful florals are always a good choice for bathing suits. A wide range of option, big, small and medium floral prints are part of this trend. Definitely, an incredible option for those in love with natural looks.

5. Metallics

If you want to go sexy, go Metallic. It’s a real trend to stand out. Be the center of attention and show off your body on a shiny metallic swimsuit.

6. High necklines

Well, if you're in love with turtle necks why not give a try to high neck swimwear. 2020 will be your year to pull off a high neck at the beach.

7. One shoulder drop

One shoulder is not only a swimwear trend, it’s all over the fashion industry, so don’t be afraid to give it a try. It allows you show off more skin without being super revealing.

8. Ruffles

Who would've thought ruffles and swimsuits could go together, but they do and they actually look beautiful. Small or big ruffles, they can be at the top or bottom to embellish those bikinis. Adding fullness to your flat areas, isn’t that a great idea?

9. High Waisted Bottoms

Like high waisted short, here they are to stay. High waisted bottoms offer more coverage around the belly area but still you can show off your legs and sexy curves.

10. Orange

Who said orange wasn’t the new Black? Well make sure to purchase a bright orange swimsuit because they are the hottest color for this upcoming summer.
















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