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Five winter pieces that should definitely be part of your wardrobe during this season. 


The first one will be the always fascinating FUR COAT. If you ever want to upgrade your outfit don't hesitate on wearing a fur coat. Just with a plain turtle neck top some nice jeans and a big fur coat even a vintage one will give you that great look that everyone will wish to copy. Fake fur will be a perfect idea not only because of the cost but for the good on nature. There are many options in the market, even some colorful ones; however, colors like black, beige and brown or even white will always be a good idea to easily mix and match with any outfit.


Our second recommendation will be the metallic pieces. When you think of shiny silver or gold the very first thing that pops up into your head will be a night gown or a Las Vegas outfit; however, during winter 2018 these are the colors to go for on our jackets. If you want to bright and shine then go a little bit further by wearing metallic skirts or even a suit. Make the rock and roll and disco era inspire you.


Third in our list will be the "layer on layer". Who doesn’t know winter around Canada is a bit chilly; however, women still want to be fashionable. This is why "layer on layer" is a perfect way to be cozy but at the same time feel like a fashion celebrety every cold day. Is a versatile look, once the temperature starts to drop the option of just taking some layers off shouldn’t be an issue. Of course try not to exaggerate you don’t want to end up looking floppy.


Number four is the always amazing “white on white” look. So why not "white on white" during the winter time? Is very easy to pair black on black but when it gets to the white on white things turn a little bit harder, not impossible though. Just a plain white jean with a great white sweater and same color coat on top will make a huge statement and attract people attention. Even white booties are in for this winter so don’t be afraid and just give it a try. 


Last but not least is the cape. Wouldn't it be a great idea to wear a beautiful cape instead of the same old coat? All over Europe capes are IN. They are getting longer and dramatic, giving a luxurious look. Capes can keep you warm as much as you want and some of them are pretty long giving a dress appearance. This is a trend that comes and goes, loved by almost everyone hated by some but get used to it because capes are this season’s wardrobe showpiece. 

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